Are you outraged yet?

I haven’t been keeping up with this blog, as scandals piling sky high have kept me pretty busy reading instead of writing.

I’m not a your typical blogger, not a reporter or professional commentator. Just an average conservative who pays attention and needs an outlet. If you’ve read any of my past blogs, you can understand my frustration. But, being a conservative today is reason enough.

Since the election, I’ve given up all TV news, most notably FOX News.  I feel as though my country has let me down. The only truth left is on the net, where no one is given large pay checks for selling out their country.

Today, the senate voted to move on with the “surge” bill, otherwise known as the amnesty bill. Next, Harry Reid will put a stop to all future amendments concerning the bill and a vote will be taken. At last count, 13 republican senators crossed the isle in favor of moving the bill along. This includes Rubio, who said without border security, even he would vote down the bill. Well, it looks like only 700 miles of fence will be built instead of 2000 miles of fence.  Why bother at all?

Anyway, that’s only today’s news. Yesterday’s was better. How, you may ask. Well, yesterday, both China and Russia were able to do what we have been unable to do. They both showed their contempt for this administration by ignoring a request to ship Edward Snowden back to face charges. Could you ever imagine such an embarrassment for a sitting President? Could this obvious show of disrespect come at a better time? Not for me.  Do you think anyone even noticed? Well, if you watch CBS, probably not. But if you live in Europe, there’s a good chance.  Apparently, Germans know what’s happening here.

I could go on, but why give the NSA more ammunition. Oh, was that one of “those” words?  Well, here’s one for them – Benghazi. That will keep them busy trying to figure that one out for a while.

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