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  • “The ultimate goal that these people have in mind … is the goal to create a One World Government run by the banking industry .. run by the bankers! … The whole agenda is to create a One World Government where everybody has an RFID chip implanted !”
    – Aaron Russo 0:15 onwards

    “He’s (Rockefeller) the one who told me 11 months before 9/11 ever happen, there was going to be an event. .. And out of that event we will invade Afghanistan, (for) the pipelines to the Caspian sea. We were going to invade Iraq .. to take over the oil fields, establish a base in the Middle East and make it all a part of the New World Order! And we will go after Chavez Venezuela. Sure enough 9/11 happened ! … And there was going to be this War on Terror which has no real enemy…

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Run Sarah Run?

Let me consider for a moment if I want to see gutsy Sarah Palin in the US Senate. Umm, no. 

Sorry folks, but although I did support her in 2008, I’ve had over four years to come to my senses. Personally, I have nothing against her. She’s a rock solid conservative. But that’s all she offers. I sort of cringe whenever she’s on FOX, hoping she doesn’t blow it. And that’s the problem with Sarah running.  Should all of us have to collectively pray whenever she’s interviewed by a liberal network? I think you know what I’m implying here.  Sarah’s not the brightest bulb in the box, okay? There I said it. Whether it’s a matter of intelligence or just delivery, it really doesn’t matter. 

As a party, the GOP has enough problems branding themselves. They certainly don’t need to add: the party of stupid to the list. Sorry, Sarah, but stay home.


The Perfect Storm


As Rush Limbaugh, in his genius, said recently, some people decry Obama as a bumbling fool, but in reality he’s the most successful President in history.  Of course, Limbaugh is correct. Making no bones about ” fundamentally transforming America “, Obama has done just that.

We can debate Obama’s shady background and shadowy upbringing, but even with all of that aside, it cannot be denied that a set of circumstances never before given to another President created the situation America now finds itself in.

The three bodies of government was of course meant to prevent tyranny.  Though not perfect, it’s worked fairly well, allowing the American people to sleep soundly in their beds with the knowledge that our republic had little to fear of their government. Suddenly, all that has changed. Right now, for example, I have no way of knowing if my words are being stored by the NSA for future use against me.  Across America, others are asking the same question; how can this happen in America?

just the word, AMERICA, paints a picture in our minds. No description is even needed. It’s a mindset so indelible as to be compared to the best of what we are. Yet, the leader of this wonderous land has done his best to spray graffiti upon our constitution and render the Bill of Rights to rags.

We can place blame on so many individuals who conspired to assist this President in the crimes committed against our country, and debate their motives, but unless they are brought to justice, we will never know for sure.  History will doubtfully record this injustice and instead sing their praises. For even now, our schools contort the truth and poison young minds with propaganda.

I have no doubt that there will be a point sometime in the future, when patriotic Americans reach their tipping point.  And the voices, still silent, suddenly rise up as one to protest these atrocities.  But sadly, by then it will be too late.  So overwhelmed by a sea of corruption, too sidetracked by the bombardment of bad news, fearful of another Wall Street meltdown, sickened by yet another war, we are ignoring the final piece on the game board. This is the plan, the magician’s slight of hand. Once that move is played, history proves its too late for the people. 

I believe there’s still time. Gun control was a setback. But, we can be certain this issue will be pressed again soon.  We must not delay. We must rally before that day arrives. The perfect storm is gathering with all three bodies pressing In around us. The people of America must unite and set aside our political differences to save our Republic. The big unknown:  can we do it?


Are you outraged yet?

I haven’t been keeping up with this blog, as scandals piling sky high have kept me pretty busy reading instead of writing.

I’m not a your typical blogger, not a reporter or professional commentator. Just an average conservative who pays attention and needs an outlet. If you’ve read any of my past blogs, you can understand my frustration. But, being a conservative today is reason enough.

Since the election, I’ve given up all TV news, most notably FOX News.  I feel as though my country has let me down. The only truth left is on the net, where no one is given large pay checks for selling out their country.

Today, the senate voted to move on with the “surge” bill, otherwise known as the amnesty bill. Next, Harry Reid will put a stop to all future amendments concerning the bill and a vote will be taken. At last count, 13 republican senators crossed the isle in favor of moving the bill along. This includes Rubio, who said without border security, even he would vote down the bill. Well, it looks like only 700 miles of fence will be built instead of 2000 miles of fence.  Why bother at all?

Anyway, that’s only today’s news. Yesterday’s was better. How, you may ask. Well, yesterday, both China and Russia were able to do what we have been unable to do. They both showed their contempt for this administration by ignoring a request to ship Edward Snowden back to face charges. Could you ever imagine such an embarrassment for a sitting President? Could this obvious show of disrespect come at a better time? Not for me.  Do you think anyone even noticed? Well, if you watch CBS, probably not. But if you live in Europe, there’s a good chance.  Apparently, Germans know what’s happening here.

I could go on, but why give the NSA more ammunition. Oh, was that one of “those” words?  Well, here’s one for them – Benghazi. That will keep them busy trying to figure that one out for a while.