Run Sarah Run?

Let me consider for a moment if I want to see gutsy Sarah Palin in the US Senate. Umm, no. 

Sorry folks, but although I did support her in 2008, I’ve had over four years to come to my senses. Personally, I have nothing against her. She’s a rock solid conservative. But that’s all she offers. I sort of cringe whenever she’s on FOX, hoping she doesn’t blow it. And that’s the problem with Sarah running.  Should all of us have to collectively pray whenever she’s interviewed by a liberal network? I think you know what I’m implying here.  Sarah’s not the brightest bulb in the box, okay? There I said it. Whether it’s a matter of intelligence or just delivery, it really doesn’t matter. 

As a party, the GOP has enough problems branding themselves. They certainly don’t need to add: the party of stupid to the list. Sorry, Sarah, but stay home.



Why The Coverup?

Are you as disqusted as I? Do you sit and wonder why someone like Hannity acts outraged at MSNBC? Really?
Do you read an article and instinctively know you’ll never hear about it on Limbaugh’s show?
Like the billion dollars just sent to Egypt? Or the war games being played in Egypt instead of Israel? You know, stuff like that.
How about the non-profit groups who endlessly e-mail or snail-mail you to contribute for all those great causes so they can “get the word out” before it’s “too late”. But you never see this stuff on TV or in newspapers. Oh, you’ll see these guys on FOX plenty, but really who except us watch FOX?
I mean, if the biggest problem we have is the economy, boy would that be a relief. Right?
My husband, a die-hard liberal, doesn’t believe a thing I tell him because, naturally, it’s not in the newspapers. And what is my source, he asks. So I show him, and he laughs, because of course he never heard of the site and discounts it entirely.
He thinks I’m insane. No really!
I know I’m not crazy because my conservative neighbors know as much as I do, and think I’m just fine. But my daughter… not so much. She tells me to lay off politics and save my marriage. After that I just don’t bring it up when she and I get together.
Being an informed patriot isn’t an easy thing. It’s a burden really. I mean you can’t turn your back when your friend is bleeding and crying for help can you? It’s like that, but even worse, cause you’re looking for something to stop the blood loss while your thumb is out trying to hitch a ride.
Anyway, that’s the way I feel.
We’ve got guys like Beck and Levin convincing us this election is a choice between liberty and tyranny. But, they can’t be honest about what’s really going on because they’ll loose their license.
Free speech? No such thing. At least not on the radio.
So it’s like we have to know what’s going on in order to know what’s going on. Know what I mean?
And, I’m sorry, but there’s not a damn thing Rush can tell me that’s more important then what you and I already know, right? And to be perfectly honest, I’d like to kick out the entire RNC along with that whole crew, but we can’t because the alternative is a million times worse, and they know we know it.
So here we are guys. All alone. Just you and me and we have to save the planet. Quite a tall order.
If I was younger I’d be on my way by now. I’d join up with all the brave souls who feel the way I do. Live on the bare necessities in the woods somewhere and practice my target shooting. I’d be getting ready for the coming battle if Obama wins or loses. At least I’d have someone to talk to who doesn’t think I’m crazy.