Run Sarah Run?

Let me consider for a moment if I want to see gutsy Sarah Palin in the US Senate. Umm, no. 

Sorry folks, but although I did support her in 2008, I’ve had over four years to come to my senses. Personally, I have nothing against her. She’s a rock solid conservative. But that’s all she offers. I sort of cringe whenever she’s on FOX, hoping she doesn’t blow it. And that’s the problem with Sarah running.  Should all of us have to collectively pray whenever she’s interviewed by a liberal network? I think you know what I’m implying here.  Sarah’s not the brightest bulb in the box, okay? There I said it. Whether it’s a matter of intelligence or just delivery, it really doesn’t matter. 

As a party, the GOP has enough problems branding themselves. They certainly don’t need to add: the party of stupid to the list. Sorry, Sarah, but stay home.